The top 5 most inspirational surf videos out there

5. The Billabong Pro Tahiti event on surfing’s World Tour was placed on hold due to a massive swell bearing down on the famed big-wave spot, Teahupoo. With forecasts calling for unprecedented surf, some of the greatest surfers in the world descended on the island to be in the water, despite a “Code Red” called by the Tahitian Coast Guard, which sought to keep everyone on shore. See the historic day through the eyes of two surfers — the young gun Laurie Towner and the veteran Dylan Longbottom — as they catch some of the biggest, most dangerous surf ever recorded, much of it captured with the super slow motion Phantom Camera for never-before-seen imagery.

4. Miguel Del Toro, the greatest big wave surfer on the planet, rides 100 foot wave. One of the most respected big wave surfers that you never hear about. Way bigger than anything in the Billabong XXL.

3. What do you do when there is no surf? You throw some dynamite into a lake/river and hey presto. This footage is from Copenhagen and was picked up by Quicksilver for some viral marketing. None the less this is dope.

2. Kelly Slater – Young Guns 3

1. Surfers rode massive waves around the world as El Nino gathered power, here’s a selection of the best waves and riders from midyear 2009/2010…



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