Andy Milenkovic Interview

Andy Milenkovic, 20, is a mountainborder living just outside Berwick, South East Melbourne. He recently became the first mountainboarder in the world to land and ride away from a double backflip. He also does it padless, because he’s a beast.

Where are you whilst answering these questions and what are you doing there?

At home on a rainy Melbourne day staying healthy.

Where were you born?


What has been your biggest lesson learned in life so far?

Do you enjoy your being a mountainboarder? What are the best bits and what are the worst bits?

Mountainboarding is alright, it has its ups and downs like anything else. Obviously the standard answer(s) with this kind of thing will be along the lines of ‘the best bits are being stoked to land a trick and riding with your friends’ and ‘the worst is getting hurt.’ I’m not saying that what I do is any different, it’s the truth for sure, but to add a bit more, the best bit is that feeling of control over the board when you are riding or doing a trick…. Oh and for something to not malfunction on you! The worst is lacking the desire to ride and not having a better developed scene compared to something like snowboarding.

If you could secretly get away with1 thing and no one would ever find out, what do you think you’d do?

Stop time and do LOTS of rocking the casbah!

Sum up your outlook on life in 10 words or less…

Stay happy in this crazy world!

What are you most looking forward to during the remainder of 2012?

Skateboarding, snowboarding, and going to France at the end of the year.

Do you have a party-trick? If so, what is it?

It changes every party!

What are you most proud of in your mountainboarding career so far?

Going overseas to England and Europe last year to ride and experience some good life with excellent humans.

What are you most proud of in your personal life?

Not being a generic pleb.

What makes you sad?

Negative, arrogant and ignorant people. When media/people put words in your mouth. Nostalgia. Bill O’Reilly. Politics.

What makes you happy?

Good friends, good vibes, good music, good pizza. When university/life functions smoothly.

What is your favourite smell?


Who do you most admire and why?

My friends and family because they are beautiful people!

What trick or move are you trying to nail at the moment?

The skateboarding kickflip for many blue moons.

Do you remember the first time you did a double backflip on your board? What was that like?

Yeah it was July last year at my mate Josh’s house in Cornwall, England. He has got the best set up ever- there is the foam pit next to the dirt jump which have identical take-offs, so I thought I’d may as well give it a crack into the pit. Low on behold, did it on the dirt that afternoon. Was pretty surprised haha.

Have you tried a triple backflip? Nailed or Failed?

No. Not really interested to be honest. The thing with a “double” in any kind of “extreme sport” is that it is regarded as a ‘benchmark’ or ‘threshold’ point that denotes progression and appeals to wider audiences, which, for the time being, has the doer labelled as “that double backflip guy”. As a result, the expectations of obvious progressions, such as triples, are procured at the expense of creativity and originality- one of the major core differences that separate what people would call “extreme sports” from your stock-standard sports- something that most of the time, only people who are honestly and truly involved understand. I’m not saying that progression is bad, in fact, we need it to keep things interesting and keep people stoked, though when progression is kept as a score within a ranking, it detracts from the intrigue and uniqueness and ultimately part of the grounding of what mountainboarding or any other “extreme sport” is. Rant over.

What has been your single most memorable sports experience?

Getting three swish baskets from the three point line in a row when I was 12.

What 1 thing would make your life better?

If it snowed like it rains where I live.

When you’re not boarding, what might we find you getting up to?

Skating Berwick, pizza making, stretching.

What are you listening to over and over on your iPod at the moment?

Various black metal and old 70’s stuff.

If a genie gave you 1 wish to use to improve the mountainboarding industry, what would it be?

To make better boards in general.

Tell us a secret…

Spiders in the spinach!

Where are your fans going to be able to see you boarding over the next few months?

On the internet, Loch and maybe at the Shed skatepark….. but probably just on the internet.

Tell us the first thing that comes to mind when you see the following:

My Favourite Album is: Led Zeppelin IV
My pet peeve is: people knocking on your door preaching their religious beliefs.

Imminent Danger is: stranger danger!
My Automatic Cringe is: fat scooter kids in fluorescents

Finish this sentence: “Nobody knows this but sometimes I…… leave the ‘open’ sign on after work just to troll people.



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