Aurelien Giraud on World Class Skating

Eighteen year old Frenchman and skating phenomenon Aurelien Giraud, has seemingly come out of nowhere. In one rapid move and slight of foot, he’s collected an impressive list of wins from the Vans Spring Classic, Nike Berlin Open, Munich Mash, World Cup Skateboarding in Moscow and Vigo, not to mention a big recent win from the TAMPA AM and one of the top skateboarding locations on the East Coast. He was kind enough to turn his attentions from relaxing in front of the TV at MTB Freerider, Yannick Granieri‘s house to talk hopes, belief and motivations.

Aurelien Giraud 3

What are you most proud about from last year?

Winning at TAMPA AM, because it’s such a big contest and it has given me such a huge opportunity to be part of the SLS Pro Open.

Watch Aurelien’s final ride in Tampa below, it’s ridic.

What are you most looking forward to in the next few years?

My goals are; firstly being part of the SLS World Tour and secondly having my own pro model board.

Talk us through a typical day for you…

When I don’t have school, I wake up around 10am, then have breakfast immediately. Then I chill at home or I meet some friends and we skate. After lunch I keep skating over and over till I get tired. I like to post at least 1 video during the day to encourage my followers to skate more themselves.

What is it about skating which motivates you to get out there and do it every day?

I like to skate with my friends, because skating alone doesn’t motivate me. When I am with friends we encourage each other. It’s very important to be motivated because without that, we can’t give our best.

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What is it about the skate industry you love and which bits do you dislike and and why?

I love people who are themselves when they skate, because some people try to be someone they’re not.  Being a skater cannot be defined in characteristics and it has no gender.

If you didn’t have such skill with a board, what do you think you’d do instead and why?

Maybe I would have been a student, or I would have been a Wakeboarder, because I wakeboard on days off, and i like it.

Where is your favourite place to skate and why?

I love to skate at MACBA (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art) in Barcelona, the place is insane the guys there are so cool and we have fun everytime.

Tell me about where you grew up and how you were raised?

I grew up in Lyon, France with my mother and my little sister. My father died when I was 6, I didn’t really understand what that meant because I was so young. My mother has done everything for me, she used to take me to the skatepark and to contests. I am thankful for everything she has done and for who she is.

What is the most important thing your Mum taught you?

Everyday my mother told me to believe in my dreams. The day I truly started to believe in them, they came true…  Well, the plausible ones…

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What do you love the most about the being out in the great outdoors and skating?

Everytime I see stairs, benches, walls etc, I am seeing a place to skate. Anywhere can be a good place to skate.

Which city would you like to travel to and why that location in particular?

I’d like to go to Melbourne because there are have been loads of skate videos recorded there, they’ve got some cool skate spots. Also, Los Angeles because it’s my favorite place and its full of skating spots.

What other sports do you like to do?

Motocross, snowboarding, wakeboarding , karting, surfing, every sports that gives me a sensation.

Tell me about one of your favourite childhood memories…

My favorite memory was when I won my first contest, the V7 Teenage Tour. It was so fun, everything was big and I was free to skateboard as I liked. It was then and there that I realized I wanted to be a Pro Skater.

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In your biggest dreams what would you like to achieve with your skate career?

Having a pro model skateboard designed for me and on the market, would be a huge step forward in my career because it would put me on the map.

Nature plays a huge part in extreme sports, tell me about your relationship with nature…

Nature offers sensation. As a skater, most of what I use to skate has been man-made, but when I surf, snowboard and wakeboard nature plays a huge part in my experience, because without it I couldn’t do anything.. I love nature.

Name an extreme sports activity you’d like to try and why?

Motocross biking because I see friends doing it and they’re always having a blast!

Tell me about your board spec, do you have a favourite deck?

My favorite is the P2 from Plan B skateboard.

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