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BW Roatan Shark Dive thumb

The Hidden World of Freediving

  I was surfing the cyber wave recently and came across some incredible images of freediving, I started to wonder how the hell you’d …


Cityhopper Skate

Sven Boekhorst, an pro-inline skater from Den Bosch in the Netherlands has been creating a series of excellent short films showcasing the skate mastery …

parahawking featured

Parahawking with Birds of Prey

I know, I know, I’m quite possibly not the first person to have introduced you to Parahawking, it has been around for a few …


The Power of Nature – Typhoon Haiyan

I’m sitting in the UN facility in Ormoc which is now online after days of clearing typhoon damage in order to get the building …

Trash Slick

Bali trash epidemic gets a kick in the nuts

I was in Bali early last year, it was hot, the surf was pumping most places everyday. It’s not a surf Mecca for no …

wakeboarding featured

The history of wakeboarding… in a nutshell

Wakeboarding is a hybrid water sport that was originally adapted from conventional water skiing and surfing. Wakeboarders execute tricks from the waves that are …


Team Pacific Rowers 2014

Next year in June 2014, Fraser Hart (UK), Samuel Collins (UK), Colin Parker (NZ), and James Wight (UK) will attempt to win the New …


Kitesurfing in the Western Sahara

I went out walking the other day to a popular surfing spot, Godrevy Beach. It’s a spectacular place and aside from fantasizing about setting …

wood water featured

Surf Shaper documentary hits the Cornwall Film Festival 2013

I’ve been busy for the past few months filming a short documentary about a friend of mine, David Forsyth and owner of Driftwood Surfboards. …

matt meyerson

Mr Meyerson & the 411 on Talent Management

Find out how extreme sports talent management really works with Matt Meyerson from RPRT.