Sabbath return with 13

Black Sabbath

After 35-years, the prince of darkness Ozzy Osbourne has returned to front the latest, slightly underwhelming Black Sabbath album, 13, with guitar-legend Tony Iommi and bad-ass bassist Geezer Butler.


Although the 3/4 Sabbath reunion has been exciting prospect for metal fans everywhere, and there have been high hopes to revisit the awesome tones heard in Sabbath’s majestic heyday, 13 falls short.

Unfortunately the electrifying anticipation that has been building up after the release the promising God Is Dead?  has also lead to 13’s disappointing demise.

Despite a pretty epic 8-minute opener End of the Beginning and an entourage of heavy rocking doomsday riffs throughout the album, the grandfathers of metal haven’t been able to recaptured the original dark excellence in 13 that the Sabbath we all know and love (particularly during the 70’s) used to have.

This being said, for those nostalgic fans who have been waiting for this album to drop, snippets of the bands previous greatness can be relived through some of Iommi’s killer riffs and Butler’s thundering bass.

All in all, if you’re not a die-hard fan or expecting 13 to recreate magical memories of Sabbath’s past kick-ass success to burst from your throbbing ear drums and into your skull, this album is pretty spectacular considering it has been created by three dudes in their 60’s…we salute you Sabbath!



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