Break – ‘Music Is Better’

break music is better symmetry

Don’t let the melodic, percussion filled intro fool you – Break is here to fully violate your eardrums with his latest release, ‘Music Is Better’.

Boasting class from the get-go, scenic harmonies coupled with Break’s producer know-how makes for an intro that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Chicane release.

Intro over, it’s down to business with a traditional Break assault of all out percussion and bass driven warfare. The real art in this is the balance between melody and pure filth, neither too overpowering.

‘Music Is Better’ is like trying mint shower gel for the first time. Pleasant, refreshing, stimulating even, yet upon exploring the genital area you’re rapidly alerted to its fiery potential. But it doesn’t stop you coming back for more, every morning.

Toiletries aside, ‘Music Is Better’ bears all the trademarks that have made Break one of the most respected producers in the drum & bass scene, and he once again leaves everyone waiting with baited breath for his next release.



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