Catching up with Quincy Mumford &The Reason Why

Quincy Mumford & The Reason Why have been lighting up venues along the New Jersey coast for a number of years and have forged a loyal following with their feel good fusion of a variety of styles. We got the chance to chat to Quincy about his musical journey, the band’s sporting abilities and their new album…

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How’d you all meet and become Quincy Mumford and the Reason Why?

The name ‘The Reason Why’ came from the idea that there is a reason for everything. In our case, the reason why we play music.

Brian Gearty (Bass/Vox): I have know Brian since the 4th grade. When I started playing guitar, Brian started playing bass. So we grew up playing music together, including our first punk band together.

Karlee Bloomfield (Keys/Vox): Karlee saw us play as a trio back in the day opening for a band called DeSol. We were looking for a keyboard player at the time and Karlee asked to try out, and we were very impressed! It has been 5  years now she’s been in the group.

Mike Zdeb (Guitar/Vox): Mike was a fill in for about 2 years while our other guitar player was in college during the school year. When we started to get some serious momentum going with the group, our guitar player decided to leave and it just made sense for Mike to come in as a full time band mate!

Davide Vossel (Drums): Davide is actually from Italy! He attended music school in NYC with Brian. We were looking for a new drummer this past fall, and Sister Dave (Davide) nailed the audition! He is a pleasure to work with. 

How has 2013 been for you guys so far, and especially how has the new album been received?

2013 has been a great year for us. We have been on the road a lot and traveled all over. We even landed an awesome tour with one of my favourite bands, Slightly Stoopid.

The new record has been received very well so far. All of the reviews have been super positive, and everyone who picks up a copy has been saying, it is our best work to date! Not to mention a lot of radio stations across the US have been adding our single, “A Hard Place”!


You can buy ‘Its Only Change’ here.

One of the most recognisable aspects to your music is the ‘feel good’ vibe, is this intended or a result of the combination of funky/soulful genres?

I think it’s a little of both. We love to play and write music that gets people up and dancing, and making sure they leave that night feeling good and liberated. That happens because our songs can be super funky!

Which was the most enjoyable track to record from ‘Its Only Change’, and why?

Probably “Baby Don’t Go”. They were all super fun to record, but I just remember laughing over and over because we kept messing up in the beginning, and we were not doing anything hard, we were just laughing too much, haha! That song came together on its own after that, it was very care free and experimental at the same time. I remember twisting all kinds of nobs on peddles while the key board player played, and hitting random sounds on a sampling pad. I think the song sounds like we had fun making it. Love it!

Where has/have been your most memorable performance/s?

That’s a hard one! There have been so many! Recently…we played a festival in Connecticut called ‘Blues on The Beach’. There were at least 5000 people on the beach dancing like crazy. We were on a huge awesome stage, with killer lights, and totally nailed our set!

Which towns/cities have a special place in your heart and why?

Carrboro, NC. Every time we play there, it is an amazing experience, and our fans there are so kind to us! Also Jupiter, FL is amazing. We play at a place called Guanabanas, and it feels like we are playing in a jungle!

Reggae/R&B vibes seem to feature heavily in your music, what’s the story behind this influence?

Growing up, my dad played a lot of reggae around the house. Artists like Third World, Peter Tosh, Steel Pulse, and Bob Marley. So reggae, has been a heavy influence since before I could even play music! The R&B and soul influences didn’t really come into play until the last year or two. I just started listening to new age R&B like Bilal, John Legend and Erika Badu along with old school soul such as Otis Redding. I just love the way these people deliver melodies, so much emotion in their voices.

You’ve worked with a number of well respected producers & musicians, how has that been as an experience and what have you learned from them?

I have had numerous amazing and humbling experiences in the studio setting. The musicians that played on “Its Only Change” are some of the best in Nashville. Their creative ability to walk in a room, hear a song, and know exactly what to do to make that track sound right is pretty amazing. Watching these guys has taught me to think outside the box and give musical direction to my band members as well as other artist in the studio. 

Obviously, we’re an extreme sports orientated website so it wouldn’t a be an iLivExtreme interview without asking you about some of your gnarliest moments!

Do you enjoy/participate in any extreme sports?

Yes! If I wasn’t playing music, I would be living on a mountain, snowboarding and selling graphic tees on the side! Snowboarding is one of my biggest passions. I also grew up surfing and skateboarding, living only a mile from the beach. I was in the water the other day! I love being outside, and being extreme! 

What has been your scariest moment?

I was at snowboard camp in Oregon at Mt. Hood. It was in the summer time but early morning, so the snow was a little crusty. I was going off of a jump just to get past it and on to a rail I wanted to session. I was still wearing my heavy back pack and had a ton of speed. I over shot the landing by 20 feet and flipped upside down landing on my back and arms. I slid for a long time in a t-shirt, so both of my arms and back were completely skinned and raw. My back hurt and my arms were bare, so I was rushed to the hospital. No broken bones, they just rapped up my arms, and I was snowboarding the next day!

Any favourite snowboarders?

Danny Davis! He just kills it, and has so much style.

Who’s the worst/best at sports in the band?

When it comes to extreme sports, probably me, but I can’t throw or catch a ball to save my life! The worst is probably Karlee, she is just better playing music. Sorry Karlee!

Tell us a bit about your involvement with the Surfrider Foundation

I have been a member and active supporter of them before I took on my musical career. Since I have grown as an artist, I have made it a point to play their events in multiple states, and include them in mine. When we recorded our live album, ‘Live at The Saint’, we donated money that we raised at the show to Surfrider and Clean Ocean Action!



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