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BW Roatan Shark Dive thumb

The Hidden World of Freediving

  I was surfing the cyber wave recently and came across some incredible images of freediving, I started to wonder how the hell you’d …

DJ Ola

Independent Radio: The Bloodless Revolution

Internet radio is a force unto itself, giving unsigned and upcoming bands the chance to showcase themselves to new audiences in a way that …

Lorde at Madame Jojos, London. Image from the Guardian website.

Endless Music: Keep the Art Form

Last week Canadian metal band Skinny Puppy demanded $666,000 in compensation for the use of their songs as torture in Guantanamo Bay. This week …

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Celebrate what we love – Philip Seymour Hoffman

News about Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death is everywhere, and after a personal reflection of his greatest moments, I came to find a link between …

Nine Inch Nails live

Friday Favourite- Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails is this week’s Friday Favourite; unsurprising as they’re one of the hottest bands touring this year. Came Back Haunted is the …

free party

A Rave in the Woods

  Summer, North France 2013 The phenomenon that pervades political and musical escapism in Britain – the free party. There is something unique about …

Deap Vally

Friday Favourite- Deap Vally

With a flawless combination of 80’s hair-do’s and hotpants, these guys use their effortless style as the icing on a cake that tastes and sounds like The White Stripes meet Rage Against the Machine slathered in Blondie.

rio featured

Urban Street Art: Rio de Janeiro

Haas&Hahn, Praca Cantao, Rio de Janeiro: Image Whilst the next Olympic Games taking place in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 will inevitably invite a …


Urban Street Art: Berlin

Credit Extreme Sports are no doubt increasing in global reach and popularity – year on year festivals celebrating Action Sports seem to expand in …

tattoo featured

Ink – A Tattoo Story

Earlier this year I made trailer for a documentary I’m making… Everyone knows someone with a tattoo. Tattoos cross cultural, gender, age divides all …