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Climbing high with David Linnett

Climber, filmmaker and all round good guy David Linnett shares his motivations with us as well as relieving himself of some great climbing stories.


Chase Armitage Interview

Pro-athlete and 3Run founder Chase Armitage teams up with Panasonic to create a new parkour and downhill video. Chase, born in Basingstoke where he …

Estro Jen

Estro Jen Interview: Queen of Badass

Estro Jen is a force; entrepreneur, athlete, roller derby player, hot pant enthusiast and street skate superstar. Founder of Moxi Roller Skates (the cutest, …


Film – SteepEdge Adventure Interview

Brian Hall talks to iLivExtreme about his love of adventure, films and going with the flow in life

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The Hidden World of Freediving

  I was surfing the cyber wave recently and came across some incredible images of freediving, I started to wonder how the hell you’d …


Cityhopper Skate

Sven Boekhorst, an pro-inline skater from Den Bosch in the Netherlands has been creating a series of excellent short films showcasing the skate mastery …


Team Pacific Rowers 2014

Next year in June 2014, Fraser Hart (UK), Samuel Collins (UK), Colin Parker (NZ), and James Wight (UK) will attempt to win the New …

matt meyerson

Mr Meyerson & the 411 on Talent Management

Find out how extreme sports talent management really works with Matt Meyerson from RPRT.

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Bruce Pavitt shares the lo-down on life with Nirvana

ilivextreme’s Taya caught up with the legendary co-founder of Sub Pop Records and author, Bruce Pavitt to find out about how grunge captured Europe …



There has been a lot of debate (complaint) recently about the under-representation (and misrepresentation) of women in the film industry. However, the music industry, …