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BW Roatan Shark Dive thumb

The Hidden World of Freediving

  I was surfing the cyber wave recently and came across some incredible images of freediving, I started to wonder how the hell you’d …

welcome to groove city

An afternoon with Defunk.

Defunk brings some Canadian style groove to the table in this exclusive interview for his chart topping debut album. Image: Welcome to Groove City …


Cityhopper Skate

Sven Boekhorst, an pro-inline skater from Den Bosch in the Netherlands has been creating a series of excellent short films showcasing the skate mastery …

DJ Ola

Independent Radio: The Bloodless Revolution

Internet radio is a force unto itself, giving unsigned and upcoming bands the chance to showcase themselves to new audiences in a way that …


Team Pacific Rowers 2014

Next year in June 2014, Fraser Hart (UK), Samuel Collins (UK), Colin Parker (NZ), and James Wight (UK) will attempt to win the New …

matt meyerson

Mr Meyerson & the 411 on Talent Management

Find out how extreme sports talent management really works with Matt Meyerson from RPRT.


Catching up with Quincy Mumford &The Reason Why

Quincy Mumford & The Reason Why have been lighting up venues along the New Jersey coast for a number of years and have forged …



Sykur is one of a growing number of Icelandic bands making their mark on the international music scene. We spoke to them on their recent UK tour.

bruce featured

Bruce Pavitt shares the lo-down on life with Nirvana

ilivextreme’s Taya caught up with the legendary co-founder of Sub Pop Records and author, Bruce Pavitt to find out about how grunge captured Europe …



There has been a lot of debate (complaint) recently about the under-representation (and misrepresentation) of women in the film industry. However, the music industry, …