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Aurelien Giraud on World Class Skating

Eighteen year old Frenchman and skating phenomenon Aurelien Giraud, has seemingly come out of nowhere. In one rapid move and slight of foot, he’s …

Win a ticket to the 2016 X Games in Austin Texas

Win a single 3-day pass including Music Pit Access worth $125.00 to this year’s X Games in Austin Texas, plus a Sour Punch swag …

Pro-skater Nick Tucker & We Are Blood

iLivExtreme interviews L.A. based pro-skater Nick Tucker

Unsung Skate Directors

Skateboarding filmmaker Callun Loomes who hangs out with British skaters, ‘Get Lesta’. Find out what drives his passion for the eternal search for the perfect skate spot and how he funds his projects via his nan and g’dad’s boozer.

Estro Jen

Estro Jen Interview: Queen of Badass

Estro Jen is a force; entrepreneur, athlete, roller derby player, hot pant enthusiast and street skate superstar. Founder of Moxi Roller Skates (the cutest, …

Vans Off The Wall

Pro-skate entertainment and trickery courtesy of Vans

Thrash Fashion With Thrasion

  Thrashion is one of the only companies in the UK dedicated to producing bespoke jewellery from recycled skateboards. From its home in Cornwall, …

Cityhopper Skate

Sven Boekhorst, an pro-inline skater from Den Bosch in the Netherlands has been creating a series of excellent short films showcasing the skate mastery …

Longboarding with Wyatt Gibbs

This kid Wyatt Gibbs just dropped in.

Save Southbank Skatepark

A plan to relocate the iconic Southbank Undercroft has created uproar amongst extreme sports fans. Not just by riders nationwide but members of the …