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Kiteboarding at sunset. High jump

Four Steps To Epic Kiting

When it comes to watersports Mother Nature is both your friend and foe. The 1.5 million kitesurfers around the globe as well as windsurfers, …

Trash Slick

Bali trash epidemic gets a kick in the nuts

I was in Bali early last year, it was hot, the surf was pumping, it’s not a surf Mecca for no reason. Locations like …


Kitesurfing in the Western Sahara

I went out walking the other day to a popular surfing spot, Godrevy Beach. It’s a spectacular place and aside from fantasizing about setting …

wood water featured

Surf Shaper documentary hits the Cornwall Film Festival 2013

I’ve been busy for the past few months filming a short documentary about a friend of mine, David Forsyth and owner of Driftwood Surfboards. …

matt meyerson

Mr Meyerson & the 411 on Talent Management

Find out how extreme sports talent management really works with Matt Meyerson from RPRT.

ty and pascale featured

Duct-tape Surfing

Pascale Honore has been in a wheelchair for 18 years after a car accident left her a T4 paraplegic. “The first time I saw …

ledge featured

The Ledge

For the last six months of living in London I often wondered where all the cool skateboarders hang out, well now I know. For …

isolated featured

Isolated – World Premiere

At iLivExtreme Extreme Sports Magazine we like to bring you the best of the best. The film Isolated, Exec Produced by Hollywood actor Ryan …

out of bounds

Out of Bounds

“Out Of Bounds” an original short by Shane Fletcher. Alongside Chippa Wilson and Jack Freestone, photographer Matthew O’Brien and Shane Fletcher ventured into the …


Surfing: Autumn

Some stuff that happened in surfing over the autumn including a What Youth video, the Rip Curl Pro and Bending Colours.