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free party

A Rave in the Woods

  Summer, North France 2013 The phenomenon that pervades political and musical escapism in Britain – the free party. There is something unique about …

Deap Vally

Friday Favourite- Deap Vally

With a flawless combination of 80’s hair-do’s and hotpants, these guys use their effortless style as the icing on a cake that tastes and sounds like The White Stripes meet Rage Against the Machine slathered in Blondie.

parahawking featured

Parahawking with Birds of Prey

I know, I know, I’m quite possibly not the first person to have introduced you to Parahawking, it has been around for a few …

Caravan Palace

Caravan Palace - Caravan Palace

Caravan Palace: The Story of 40′s Swing & Sound System I was fortunate enough to attend Boomtown Fair in August of 2012 and a …

Jai Paul

Friday Favourite- Jai Paul

My Friday Favourite this week comes from Jai Paul, another great electro pop artist who produced the simply astonishing sounding BTSTU in 2007. Described …


DJ Yoda Wants Your Sounds!

Relentless Energy Drink have teamed up with the renowned master of sampling DJ Yoda to create a rad sounding new competition inviting music lovers …


Friday Favourite- Grimes - Grimes

My Friday Favourite this week is Grimes- the pixie faced indie one-woman electro-pop show. Grimes does a lot for one artist- not only does …



Warpaint- by far some of the coolest ladies I’ve ever seen. Think 70’s skaters with the voices of psychedelic angels. Warpaint were one of …

Madeon- Pop culture

Friday Favourite- Madeon

It’s Friday and time for a new tune to kick off the weekend. This week’s Friday Favourite is Madeon; the pop prodigy who actually …