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Urban Street Art: Berlin

Credit Extreme Sports are no doubt increasing in global reach and popularity – year on year festivals celebrating Action Sports seem to expand in …

scuba skydive

Scuba Skydive

PADI Diver Gulliver Page jumps from a helicopter over the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, deploys his parachute, hits the water and then swims …

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Sascha Koellnreitner Interview

Sascha Koellnreitner (28) is a Director and he has just returned from Norway where he was picking up the last few shots needed to …


Bassjumping with Swiss AirPirates

Check the Luftpiraten team of 5 Swiss Base Jumpers who have just released their season’s best bits! Makes me wanna throw myself off a …

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Ink – A Tattoo Story

Earlier this year I made trailer for a documentary I’m making… Everyone knows someone with a tattoo. Tattoos cross cultural, gender, age divides all …

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Isolated – World Premiere

At iLivExtreme Extreme Sports Magazine we like to bring you the best of the best. The film Isolated, Exec Produced by Hollywood actor Ryan …

MOTORSPORT - Rally Dakar 2013

Dakar Rally 2013

If you’re a bit of a petrol-head like some of us are in the iLivExtreme extreme sports magazine cave then you’ve probably downed tools …


Snowboarding The Abandoned Orphanage of Marquette

Bode Merrill, Cale Zima and Brandon Cocard session one of the heaviest urban spots in Absinthe’s Resonance: a sketchy abandoned orphanage in Marquette, Michigan. …


Xavier De Le Rue in White Noise

White Noise is the new snowboard film from Timeline Films starring Relentless Energy Drink Rider Xavier De Le Rue and featuring Victor De Le …


Scare Money

Another sweet update from Krystelle from her immersion in the UK snowboarding industry last week.