Changing Course with REI

In 2016, Claire Gallagher surprised the ultramarathon world when she won the Leadville 100 trail run. Her successes on the trail have altered the path she thought her life would take, whilst studying to become a doctor it dawned upon her that the life she was preparing for was not the life she was supposed to lead. Leaving one dream behind she began to pursue another.

Claire headed to Thailand to teach for a year and reminiscing about her running days at Princeton looked to take part in a local running competition. After a reintroduction to the sport, she was hooked and began to train big, “I trained on the beaches in Thailand and ran up the tsunami-evacuation towers, I did tsunami-tower stairs constantly for four months straight” she said. Now back in her home state of Colorado, she’s back hitting the dirt trails and training to run herself even further into the history books.



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