CHILD (EP) Review


I hate to admit it, but I am one of those annoyingly pretentious people that enjoys introducing friends to new music and then claiming that their impressive iTunes playlist is down to my generous suggestions.

But despite myself, I still cant help but tell anyone who will listen about a new band that I think they should be listening to right now.  

In the past 12 months, a new hoard of British artists have caused this habit to flare up time and time again as I suggest yet another band on my twitter feed. I’m not really sure what’s been happening to British music recently but whatever it is, I don’t want it to stop. 


The latest band to join this ever growing pack of new artists is  a four piece group from Oxford called MMX. They were once known under a different name of Francesqa back in 2009 and supported the likes of The Pretty Reckless and Kids In Glass Houses on tour before ultimately splitting up and going their separate ways in 2011. 

But since then they have quietly reformed as the incredible MMX. Most recently the band have supported the current British ‘it’ boys The 1975 on tour, after being hidden away for the past year creating their EP and cultivating their new sound.

Their EP, Child, was released in early 2013 and sounds like the perfect soundtrack to the looking Autumnal evenings. The tracks on the EP all feature a combination of tranquil synths, mesmerizing vocals and cinematic guitar. The EP isn’t the kind that you play at a house party whilst trying to get everyone up and dancing, but rather the kind that you can imagine hearing on dreamy nights in the city or playing in the background whilst trying to impress the person you’re with, especially with lyrics such as “and I saw you once, in a dream” reaching you through the speakers.

Of the many bands that have grabbed my attention recently, I am unbearably excited to see what sounds MMX create next.

For fans of The 1975, Story Books and Coldplay.



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