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Sven Boekhorst, an pro-inline skater from Den Bosch in the Netherlands has been creating a series of excellent short films showcasing the skate mastery of him and a close set of friends from around Europe. Sven is a busy dude, with running his own skate event company, organising European contests and teaching kids to skate in his hometown. But he took some time out of his busy schedule and prepared himself for me to throw some questions at him about his new online series Cityhopper Europe.


How did Cityhopper begin?

The team and I traveled through Europe and visited some of the most influential and cultural capitols with our signature jumpramp. I basically use the urban landscape as my own kind of playground to showcase what we can do. We teamed up with Rollerblade and charted a unique trip to incredible places like Brussels, Barcelona, London, Paris and Berlin covering over 10,000km in 19 days.

What made you want to do this project?

Main reason was to create a unique skate video which showed us sakting spots which others perceive to be unskateable.


How did you decide which who should get involved in the project?

It all started with some brainstorming sessions amongst friends. From there, we started to look into how we could ask various people and brands in the skate scene to help us out. Then we found a good team of filmers, editors, graphic designers, a photographer and an all round awesome production crew.

Why did you choose these cities in particular?

Because of budget issues we could only pick our top 5 cities. We looked into which cities were the most famous and had the most famous landmarks but it was equally as important to identify good contacts in those cities who could hook us up with local and unique skate spots but some of the best spots in Cityhopper Europe are the ones we accidentally found.

Planning the line beneath the Cliffs of Dover

Planning the line beneath the Cliffs of Dover

What do you hope to achieve with these short films?

To show the mainstream action sport world more about our sport and of course to show the skate fans something unique. I hope it’s a fun short film for people generally, not just skate fans, we’ve got  some great skating, music and a contagious vibe!

Catch the Cityhopper series on the website and if you want a taste for starters take a gander at Episode 2 here on iLivExtreme



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