Cornwall’s Largest Skatepark – Wooden Waves

Wooden Waves is Cornwall’s largest outdoor skatepark. As part of a new initiative by Newquay Town Council in partnership with XtraVert social enterprise the skatepark has recently been renovated and improved. Newquay Town Council has invested £5000 for new materials to renovate the park and as accomplished carpenters and skate ramp makers, XtraVert has put the work in on the ground, building and improving the ramps so that the park is now open for business again. The skinny so far is that whereas for the past few years it had been a bit of a dank, unwelcoming place it’s now an exciting place to skate again, where beginners, pro’s and everyone in between can feel the wheels under their feet and smell the scent of skateboard superstardom in the air.

Most recently graffiti artists from throughout Cornwall came together to liven up Wooden Waves with graffiti artwork. Visitors to the park watched artwork from graffiti experts including AJ Murdock and Josh Pickthorn take shape throughout the day and even had the opportunity to try their hand at creating some graffiti in masterclass sessions. The internationally renowned spray paint company Montana Cans kindly supplied the paint for the event. Scooter, skate and BMX competitions took place throughout the day with winners recieving prizes from Ideal BMX, Flavour Skate and Legit Scooters.

Fancy whetting your whistle? Pop your peepers on this.

For more info on the park checkout the Wooden Waves website




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