Duct-tape Surfing

Pascale Honore has been in a wheelchair for 18 years after a car accident left her a T4 paraplegic.

“The first time I saw the ocean I was mesmerized and just wanted to live by the water. My two sons have grown up surfing, and watching them has made me want to get in the waves with them. It wasn’t until Ty (Tyron Swan – a son’s friend, big wave surfer and professional diver) suggested that I could feel what it’s like to be a surfer. We have been surfing a lot, using a backpack bought from K-Mart and a roll of duct tape.”

ducktape surfing 1

Soon, they’ll be hitting the road on their “Legless Summer” trip, heading to Western Australia in search of bigger waves, the destination is Kalbarri, where they’ve planned to meet up with pro surfer Ry Craike and tag along with his “Fish Out Of Water” adventures.

diving ty and pascale

You can support Pascale and Ty in their ‘Legless Summer’ adventure by donating here – The money raised will go towards fixing our home on the road, ready for the trip, and for our ongoing promotion of living the life you love.



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