Extreme Backyarding

Have you heard about ‘extreme backyarding’? Nah, me neither, until I came across the first episode of a new online series out of the good ol’ U.S. of A. called ‘Extreme Backyarding’ and if its name is anything to go by, hell does it deliver!

The second episode in this tantalizing series introduces us to the magnificence that is Reed Hansen’s backyard. Hansen of Groveland, Florida is a seven-time world champion wakeskater (skate on water, no bindings – come back soon to find out more about this on iLivExtreme soon!). Keen to be able to train whenever he wanted and in an environment where he could really put his skill to the test, along with his Dad he designed and created a wakeskating lake in his own backyard which he dubbed ‘Battle Falls’. Watch Reed give host Mark Wills a lesson on Wakeskating and an inside look at his extreme backyard.

Watch the previous episode below where Mark learns how to precision skeet shoot.

Episode 1 – Olympic Skeet Shooter Allen Treadwell of Seligman, Missouri; the former member of the U.S. Olympic Shooting team decided to put a stop to his daily commute and practice his shooting skills at home by building an Olympic size skeet range in his own backyard.

Come back soon to watch the next episode, when Mark continues his search across the vast spaces of America to find another athlete who believes their sport is so kickass, that they’ve created an extreme playground in their own backyard! In the meantime, you can follow the goings on over @HondaPowersprts HQ on Twitter.



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