‘Rat A Tat’

Fall Out Boy


Fall Out Boy’s latest album Save Rock and Roll, should not be taken as a serious attempt to actually do so. Rather, it should be seen as a harmless tongue in cheek collection of songs poking fun at the pretentiousness within the industry.

Rat-A-Tat ,one of the most exciting songs on the album, features a spoken-word style introduction from the Rock and Roll queen herself Courtney Love as she exclaims “It’s Courtney, bitch!” with her classic husky vocals. It is probably one of the best songs that Love has contributed to in years, as it’s questionable whether she is doing anything other than simply dishing out the unapologetic rock attitude that she is best known for. The rest of the song will remind fans of the sugar-we’re-going-down fun that first introduced everyone to Fall Out Boy.

Syringe your ears, kick back and listen



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