First Four EPs


OFF! are fronted by a man called Keith Morris. Keith Morris is the same age as my Mum, he was in a band called Black Flag that you should’ve heard of. He was also in a band called the Circle Jerks, you should’ve heard of them too. Keith doesn’t sound like he’s knocking on the door of 60, he’s still angry, he’s still making very good hardcore and OFF! have given lots of punks both old and new something to chew on.

Keith Morris

Keith Morris, with the Cirlce Jerks in 1981 (left) and performing with OFF! at Coachella in 2011 (right)

Some consider OFF! to be a super group as the other members have previously been in bands like Burning Brides, Redd Kross and Rocket From The Crypt.

This release is really a compilation, hence the helpfully descriptive title, but it works perfectly as an album, it’s unrestrained and sharp, loud and aggressive. The longest track is just over one and a half minutes and the whole thing is done and dusted in well under half an hour.

I’m going to compare the sound to having a space hopper bounced off your face repeatedly for 18 minutes. If you’re thinking, “this sounds wonderful”, then perhaps listen to it. If you’re thinking “it sounds terrible” I’d probably try something else.



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