Flight of the Frenchies

Skyliners – Highline – Mont Blanc, France


Unwavering high-liners Julien Millot and Ingrid Laillaut feature in three astonishing spots directed by Jason Harrington of Paydirt Pictures for the second round of the Asus/Intel “In Search Of Incredible” campaign by Havas Worldwide NY. Filmed atop Mont Blanc in the French Alps, Harrington, with his signature cinematic approach, showcases these athletes challenging the impossible as they traverse the high-line between two peaks. The campaign is live online at the “In Search of Incredible” website and features a stunning behind-the-scenes film.

“It was such a pleasure working with the amazingly talented cast Julien and Ingrid, and the rest of the French Skyliners team,” remarks Jason the Director. “It’s a rare event to film with real athletes on such a mountain in spectacular but hazardous conditions. With experiences like waking up in a tent at 5am at 11,358 ft to watch Julien and Ingrid make their first crossing at dawn with barely enough light to see, and with no falls! I could see in Julien’s face and in his body language when he reached the other side what an exhilarating rush and inner concentration that must take; the battle of fear and emotions. Later I found out that it took a lot to knock him off the slack line – it was like he was glued to it – whatever we threw at him he achieved and made look easy. But believe me, I tried it, it was far from easy even when I was 4 feet off the ground, let alone with a huge drop onto rocks, wind, cold and all the elements thrown at you.”




The Skyliners team is a professional group of extreme sports athletes specializing in numerous disciplines such as slack lining, base jumping, alpinism, rock climbing, and paragliding. They have also starred in the successful documentary feature I Believe I Can Fly (The Flight of the Frenchies) directed by their friend S├ębastien Montaz Rosset. The film was selected for numerous film festivals although it was filmed with no funding or sponsorship for either the training, production, or filming itself.


Images courtesy of Seb Montaz

Agency: Havas World Wide New York
Chief Creative Officer: Lee Garfinkel
ECD: Christian Carl
Sr Art Director: Christian Serna
Executive Producer: David Logan
Jr Producer: Jamie Van Eyck

Production Company: Paydirt Pictures
Director: Jason Harrington
DP: Alex Barber
Executive Producers: Jonathan Ker, Jeremy Barrett
1st AD: Patrick Cadell
Line Producer: Mary Beth Jenner

Editorial: Cutting Room
Editors: Chuck Willis and Chris Hellman
Assistant Editors: Michael Ramirez and David Soto
Producer: Stacey Suplizio

Composer: Neil Cleary
Music Producer: Mike Boris



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