Flume Album Review



Sydney based producer, Harley Streten, otherwise known as Flume is one of the latest emerging talents in the world of dance and R&B music to not only have his first album a critical success but also a commercial one.

When his self titled album and it’s single ‘Sleepless’ dropped in his native Australia in November 2012 it managed to beat One Direction for the number one spot in the charts, causing an obvious uproar with the hoard of ‘directioners’ complaining online.

Despite this online controversy Streten has managed to create a debut album full of consistently impressive sounds, including the track “Left Alone” featuring the mesmerizing vocals of fellow Australian Chet Faker.

Somehow all of the songs on the album manage to infuse raw emotion with chopped vocals, a dubstep-paced bass and an underlying layer of pop aesthetic. Streten has created a refreshing and diverse freshman album proving that creating music with a mass appeal doesn’t need to be done at the expense of creative flare.



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