Flying High UK Style

I flew a helicopter a few years ago to celebrate my birthday, something I’m definitely going to repeat in the next year or so and I was reminded of it whilst reading some blurb on the subject, which stated that it’s now super easy for people from all walks of life to give it a shot. No longer do you have to be a professional pilot, earn stupid amounts of green or be some sort of VIP to have a semi-impromptu and at-close-quarters airborne experience.


In fact, the guy I was reading about was a thrill-seeking electrician. He’d done his research on the many flying experiences to be had all over the UK, found an airstrip where he could command a plane for the first time and plans to return for a series of extended lessons once he’s got a little more air time under his ejector seat.


With the rising popularity and spread of flying schools around Britain, flying has become an easy way to experience those mile-high pleasures (get your mind out of the gutter please….) Ahem, from a one-off birthday gift to a full course for the serious amateur and if you decide halfway through a course that you wish to take your newfound skill further, that’s cool as your flying hours will most likely already be counted by the Civil Aviation Authority towards gaining a pilot’s licence, do check this with your instructor.


It’s easy to get sucked into the story of a flying lesson; hearing how our electrician friend was warmly welcomed at the airstrip, then took to the uncluttered skies and soared regally in a beautiful Tiger Moth vintage plane… Sixty minutes later and our man of the moment count list the necessaries for the  essential pre-flight check, as well as the basics of piloting.

I’m going to suggest to my Mum that she and my Dad ‘SKI’ or ‘Spend the Kids’ Inheritance’ and looks like I’ll be dipping into my piggy bank, that helicopter with my name on it ain’t gonna pay for or fly itself.



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