Free Surf Films 2011

Having woken up in the bowels of the house after a full on night of shamanistic activity feeling a little the worse for wear, I stumbled into a shelving unit full of Super 8 surfing reels, they came tumbling down and instead of casting them aside I though ‘hang on a minute, I should share the likes of these┬áBillabong, Vans, Nike, Quiksilver, Reef and SuperBrand flicks with the world’. So, and I hope you appreciate this, I’ve spent the best part of the last month transferring them from 8mm onto these things called DVR’s and then having put away criminal amounts of Guava coffee laced with cocaine to ‘upload’ them onto a magical device called ‘The World Wide Web’. I wish someone would invent some sort of code copying device which would allow me to simply insert the films onto a World Wide Web Page. We could call it ’embedding’.

There are hundreds of small surf films made each year, but not many that are funded so entirely that the money spent is visible from the word a go-go. The films here have been made by some of the biggest surf brands on the planet and are full, beginning, middle and end movies, we may get lucky and even trip over a narrative or two.

Blow Up by Billabong USA

Get-n Classic by Vans

Leave A Message by Nike

“Sorry, We’re Open” by Superbrand

Moments by Quiksilver

The Path of the Modern Gypsy by Reef



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