Friday Favourite- Deap Vally

Deap Vally

The first Friday Favourite of 2014 features a great band who I found the other day (sometimes I’m slow on the uptake)… Deap Vally.

By now you may be able to predict my music taste, and it might not surprise you to know that Deap Vally are a sassy, stylish duo of lady rockers from sunny California.

With a flawless combination of 80’s hair-do’s and hotpants, these guys use their effortless style as the icing on a cake that tastes and sounds like The White Stripes meet Rage Against the Machine slathered in Blondie.

I’ve been pretty hooked to their catchy rifts since happily stumbling across their debut album Sistrionix, and have had a good long think about the best song to give you guys this Friday. Finally I decided upon ‘Gonna Make My Own Money’, to let all of you hard workers have a moment to rock out and shake off the office before the weekend.

Pour yourself a whiskey, make yourself look fabulous, and jump up in salute to this lovely, dirty tune.



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