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Dinosaur Jr.

Did you know J Mascis doesn’t drink or do drugs. I didn’t then I read it somewhere. I liked Dinosaur Jr. many moons ago, then I went off them a bit, then I started liking them again. I had the same kind of affair with prawn cocktail skips.

I think the rekindling of my fancy for Dinosaur Jr. has a lot to do with the line-up. They went back to how it used to be with Lou Barlow on Bass and Murph on drums. They sound good, in fact all the albums they’ve done since the reformation have been a delight and this is no exception. I hate it when reviewers say “and this is no exception” and I’ve just said it twice.

Dinosaur Jr

From L to R – J Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph

No point in me describing the sound, it’s easier if you listen to it and make your own mind up. J Mascis sounds a bit crap at singing but it works somehow. I just told you that so you don’t listen to it and say “that bloke can’t sing”.

If you like it why don’t you buy it? I’ve not bought it yet as I’m waiting to get paid and then I will buy it and I’ll also give Clive his tenner back as he threatened me with an axe at the pub last night.



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