It Gets Cold Review

Eliza and the Bear



Eliza and the Bear, the five-piece alt indie band from London, have had quite an impressive past twelve months. Having spent the summer performing at festivals and the autumn touring the UK with Paramore and Imagine Dragons, they are all set to release their new single ‘It Gets Cold’ this month.

Having only formed in 2011, the band has already seen quite some success in their career and continue to be awarded with positive reviews.The premier of this song was on Radio 1 as DJ Zane Lowe tipped it to be his “hottest record in the wold” and has since received over 60 thousand plays on SoundCloud.

The track itself is incredibly upbeat, fun and lively. It’s the kind of song you can belt out when you’re with your friends or just as easily listen to when you’re on your own listening to vinyl in your bedroom. The sound of this track is one part indie and one part folk, kind of like a mixture between Dry the River and Vampire weekend, making it the kind of music that will appeal to pretty much anyone.

Overall the song is about returning home after being away for an inconceivable amount of time. It’s an honest song that openly reveals it’s emotions from the start. If I have any complaints about this band it’s that they have yet to release a lot of material.



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