Join REI outside… and bring your people

As some of you may know, this year I published a book about the supreme power of nature and our draw towards it. A piece of work which came from living an outdoors life, writing this blog and connecting with professional outdoor athletes from all over the globe – a snapshot of who I am, and who they are from a moment in time. Like a thread throughout the pages, you’ll find a series of thoughts which describe and encourage our relationship with landscapes, climate, the elements, and how we interact with the natural world around us.


When REI contacted me about their new #OptOutside campaign, which launches this week, I was intrigued because their intent fits very well with mine – to get folk outdoors to make the most of this wonderful opportunity and experience called life.

On this Black Friday REI is giving each of its employees the day off, to head out into nature and explore. I like what the company is doing, instead of using the old marketing model of telling people what they should be doing with their spare time, it’s aligning itself with what its customers truly want to do, and in simply supporting people in their endeavours to enjoy the planet, they’re building a more meaningful relationship with us all. It’s playful, its organic and I like it.

So this Black Friday, REI is shutting its doors and paying its people to #OptOutside, where will you be going?



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