6 Feet Beneath the Moon

King Krule

Baby-faced Archy Marshall aka the gritty King Krule dropped his surprisingly killer debut album earlier this year creating one massive paradox shit storm in the music industry.

Why is that you ask? Well firstly it’s because the UK hasn’t been so shocked by a total mismatch in an artists appearance and the sound of their voice since it figured out Scottish mature lady SuBo could actually sing. And secondly, it’s because Krules’ refreshingly nostalgic punk-esque vocal chords contrast (brilliantly may I add) with the somewhat romantic-natured storytelling lyrics of his songs.

King Krule

Equipped with a voice so edgy that sounds as if it belongs to the lead singer of an underground punk band, and some hauntingly streetwise lyrics, King Krule has delivered an effortless debut album combining multiple genres which shouldn’t work all that well together, and yet it does.

For instance, Krule demonstrates that not only can he rock the lone guitar and voice in single Out Getting Ribs but that he can make pretty much anything work with the varying styles of trip hop, and lo-fi samples heard in tracks Will I Come, Neptune Estate and Foreign 2.

So although this dude’s raw and stripped down voice may not match his ginger barnet, who really gives a fuck?! The 19-year-old Londoner has released a throughly epic album that is very moody and paints a brutally honest picture of the UK at the present time. Krule has taken on the role of a modern bard and has smashed it; It shouldn’t work but it does and for that, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon is well worth checking out, especially if you feel like being surprised.

The album can be listened to in full for free on Spotify and if you do like the album you will love his collaboration with Mount Kimbie on You Took Your Time, which you can listen to below:



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