Kitesurfing in the Western Sahara

Godrevy Beach

I went out walking the other day to a popular surfing spot, Godrevy Beach. It’s a spectacular place and aside from fantasizing about setting up a little driftwood shack for myself to dwell in, I watched a couple of guys haul a load of kitesurfing equipment from the back of their van, hike their wetsuits up to their nipples and head down to the water’s edge. With no surf to speak of but instead a perfect wind, enough to harness and the the aid of a trusty kite, hit the water with wild abandon.


I remembered that I’d been contacted by a 4 year old watersports company Explora who have just opened a new place in Dakhla in the Western Sahara where they specialise in kitesurfing. It’s a small town around 1000km south of Essaouira, located on a 48km long and 4km wide peninsula which stretches into the Atlantic Ocean, creating a huge lagoon and boasts perfect waves on the other side of the peninsula for when you want to cast the kits aside for a while and hunker on down with just a board.

kitesurfing montage

They’ve got a wide assortment of 2014 equipment from North, Evo, Vegas, Rebel kites as well as 2014 twin tips and directions boards.

I’m desperate to try it, preferably in a warm climate like Dakhla and I’ve been Googling the crap out of where I could go on a little trip-trap. Whilst having my nose stuffed into the crack of the online kite community, I found out that Sir Richard Branson is a kitesurfer and a big advocate of the sport, he said – “I’d recommend it to anybody, just being out on the sea, blown by the wind, bouncing across the waves.” – He holds the Guinness World Record as the oldest person to kitesurf across the English Channel, crossing from Dymchurch, Kent, to Wimereux in northern France in three hours 45 minutes in July 2012.

beginning of kitesurfing lesson

I’ve got my work cut out thanks to the Virgin man but I’m eager to get the show on the road, the last time I tried a kitesurfing kite was when I was living in New Zealand, I was around 10 feet in the air for a considerable amount of time and it was cool as hell, if I could team that with water and a board, it’d be, quite simply, the mutts nuts.



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