Mirage Rock

Band of Horses

Band of Horses have moved from the (apparently) independent Sub-Pop label to a major. Trendy people don’t like this. It doesn’t really bother me but then my idea of being “trendy” is wearing socks that don’t clash with my sandals.

Some people are claiming that this record is “over-produced” which is the standard critic response to any indie act releasing their first record on a major label. They’ve had Glyn Johns in the studio with them which means it’s a bit more polished but surely that could’ve happened at Sub-Pop.

Let’s push all that nonsense to one side like the mushed up weetabix it is. Let’s have a good ol’ listen to the album. Have you listened? I have. I reckon it’s pretty good, they occasionally stray from their usual sound but this is their fourth album and they’re bound to get more eclectic and experimental. It’s not incredible but it’s worth a purchase. Skip “Dumpster World” though that’s a bit sh*t.

They’re touring Australia and NZ early next year, so if you’re in one of those places you could buy tickets and see them play live. That would be nice.



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