Muse at Emirates Stadium

Muse launched The Unsustainable Tour with 4 huge UK dates to kick off summer 2013. On the 26th May at The Emirates Stadium in London the band performed their longest set to date with a staggering 27 songs!

The band blasted on to stage with one of their latest songs, Supremancy, and lit up the whole stadium with their magnificent spaceship style effects. After an amazing opening to the show, we were barely able to snap out of the mesmerizing first few minutes before the incredible Supermassive Black Hole blasted through our ears and rocked Arsenal’s football ground.


Throughout the whole show the crowd was showered with a spectacular performance, just as you thought the visuals or the energy couldn’t get any better, the band proved you wrong. From CGI politicians (meaning it all got a bit political in one song and they had weird little CGI people jumping around the screens, and a man dressed up as a banker throwing fake money around, ha!)  to a mountain of TV screens, to a huge floating light bulb over the audience, Muse experimented with the most fabulous and mind binding visual effects I’ve ever seen at a gig. Much of the credit of this performance goes to Matt Bellamy, a born showman and a fantastic musician. One of the many highlights of the gig was the band performing Butterflies & Hurricanes for the first time since 2011.


The night featured many songs from the new album, The 2nd Law, which wasn’t received as well by the audience as tracks from the first albums. The set did lag at stages in the middle with the slower and less popular songs, but before you knew it Muse would literally fire back with an unbelievable performance of a brilliant classic like Knights of Cydonia and Time is Running Out.


My favourite moment was the performance of The 2nd Law: Unsustainable where a giant robot marched out on to the stage to Dubstep sounds of Muse. If Muse know one thing, it is how to put on a kick-ass show. High five to the Devonshire three piece you rocked!



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