Friday Favourite- Peaches


Peaches live

Everyone should be excited to know that this week my Friday favourite is a stunning little number by Peaches and Iggy Pop called ‘Kick It’.

The idea to showcase Peaches came to me on the bus when i thought: why the hell haven’t I written about Peaches yet? She ticks so many of my music must boxes: she’s cool, she’s weird, she’s a performance artist, she plays her own instruments, she programs her own electronic beats, she’s lewd, and her music really makes me move.

My next dilemma was: what to choose? Peaches has a number of great albums, and whilst I’m normally a fickle missus with my very favourite songs, Peaches has a number that fall into my ‘favourites’.

But thankfully Kick It has a music video about a zombie apocalypse and is basically a three minute sung slag-off match between Peaches and Iggy Pop. So here it is.



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