Save Southbank Skatepark

A plan to relocate the iconic Southbank Undercroft has created uproar amongst extreme sports fans. Not just by riders nationwide but members of the skate community across the globe are expressing their views online to help save the skatepark from being turned into retail units. Since the 70’s skaters, graffiti artists and BMXers have come to the capital’s most famous skate spot to ride, progress and showcase their talents.

It is shocking to hear that the skatepark isn’t regarded as important as other cultural facilities around Southbank. Is another Pret or Costa really going to benefit this area? The Undercroft reflects the spirit of London and is one of those places that contributes to the unique character of the city and what makes it one of the best places in the world to ride.

Since the 60s London has become a centre for the worldwide youth culture and this city should continue its strength in fashion, arts, sports and media, and to keep promoting individualism, not turn into one super sized Westfield shopping centre.

It’s not just a landmark. It has been a part of thousands, even millions of people’s lives over the decades and deserves to be saved. As well as a social meeting place it’s a hot spot for young local talent, and attracts a mass of spectator’s everyday, that really wish they could be the ones on the skateboard.

I’m sure the majority will agree that London doesn’t need any more overpriced restaurants or coffee shops ruining our cultural city, and needs places where young adults can be active and where creativity is shared amongst the community and tourists alike.

Photo credit: Josh Jenkins. Other photos courtesy of Save SB

Help Save Southbank from relocation by signing the petition HERE and attending the weekend of Skateboarding, BMX, Music and Art this bank holiday weekend.

Support Skateboarding. Act now and Save Southbank.



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