Scare Money

With the biggest names in snowboarding throwing out this year’s new snow films, such as Burton with 13, Absinthe Films with Resonance, and Jeremy Jones’ long awaited Further, The Grindhouse waves the flag for the UK scene and showcased to the world ‘Scare Money’ at Clapham Picturehouse last week.

Big names in the UK snowboard industry came together to celebrate the feature staring our home grown talents including Will Smith, Jon Addison, Matt MacWhirter, Tom Guildmard, Andy Nudds, Ben Wall, Tom Honey, Billy Neilson, John Weatherly, Ollie Dutton, Chris Chatt and Andy Laird. The Grindhouse create regular web edits and Scare Money is the second full length feature from the crew.

Made on a shoestring budget, it was filmed between December 2011 and April 2012 in France, Austria, Finland, Canada, USA and Scotland. Expect a half hour of sweet urban street riding from the UK boys.

After a section of pretty impressive slams, Yorkshire bred Will Smith gets the Money ball rolling, and kicks of the film with some dam fine bangers. Matt Macwhirter has a real solid part, ending with an amazing shot of his jump over a hefty fence on to a baseball pitch. High Five to Nuddsy for closing the film with a banging section that included the best range of tricks and shots of the 32 minutes.

Many thanks to Jamie Durham and the Grindhouse crew for all your hard work and showing the world the incredible talent this island has to offer. For more information on Scare Money check out the latest Reason magazine for an epic 12 page feature on the making of the film.

If you couldn’t make it along on the night, it’s your lucky day. Watch the FULL film here:



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