Skateboarding Blogs: September

This is the first BlogSpurt! in quite some time, I’m sure you’ll forgive me, I’ve been away from the laptop more often than usual because it’s been Summer and I’ve been doing a shite load of fun stuff, as I hope have you. But Autumn is on it’s way I hear so thought I’d get back into the habit of updating you with the best bits from Skateboarding blogs and websites from throughout this fine planet of ours. Enjoy.

Arto’s Pool By Gravis

Tony Hawk Vert Jam In NYC

While surfers take over Long Beach in New York for the Quiksilver Pro, Tony Hawk took over Pier 54 in Manhattan with a vert demo right on the Hudson River. Not a bad way to cap off an East Coast Birdhouse tour—the article from the trip is coming to the mag soon. For now, check the footage from Saturday’s demo right here.

Off The Board: Terry Kennedy

Terry Kennedy joins the honorable list of professional skateboarders wanting to use their notoriety to help make a difference in the communities they came from. Starting with his skating, his music, his clothing label, Fly Society, and future plans of a non-profit organization, he hopes to set an inspiring example of what someone can achieve that may not have many privileges growing up.



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