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So this month we’ve seen a few scorchers from the blogdom of skateboarding. I’m just gonna make a list of the hottest stuff that Ive come across and you guys and gals can whip-crack-away.

Vook – Skateboarding requires much more than jumping onto four wheels tacked to a piece of plywood. In this Vook, expert skater Scot Schwartz teaches you all the tricks, skills and lingo you need to know to take your skateboarding skills to the next level. Watch Scot in 10 videos as he shows you the ins and outs of trick skating, street skating, and cruising. Understand the terminology, the gear you need and even learn how to put together a board. Amp up your skating and understand what it means to live and breathe skateboarding in this all-original skater’s handbook. Get it directly from the app store here:

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The coolest new skateboarding games online thanks to Gimme Candy. The Skate boarding games present the thrilling excitment of rounding about rules and living ideal at brink plus some instances leaping to themysterious. Millions of fans world-wideget pleasure from these games using their extremely out course experienceand exhalation. The totally freerecreation web-sites might not begetting the complete video gamingpractical experience utilizing tacticand in many cases preparing of gamesahead of time and rescuing but they may be nonetheless well-liked for theabsolute good reason that professional skateboarding is excessive sport for most young andwise.

Following are a number of the amazing Skateboarding video games being placed at majorby several Technology and Gamer internet sites.

“In the Crib” is one of traditional skate board games together with awesome maneuvering abilities and out course movements and facets. Just about absolutely everyone inside gambling entire world looks forward to the flawlessly developed bards and totally believable quick pace, no surprise lots of gamers often really feel the leap rather comparable to wonderful long time practical experience.

The fans of “Street Sash” say that is a sport to recollect for its distinctive background, with traffic and likes you heading suitable for you most of the time period. One of the most hard to move nonetheless may be the electronic systems which can grant any a single fright. Throughout all of this swiftly action, a single need to having said that not forget to gather distinct bonus deals.

The “Gus Vs Bus” 1-2 is very enthusiastic pace. To trap the bus Gus provides to move as a result of the different hurdles and obstacles. You need to remain on finest of nerves on this one as from orange many things really jump on you.

‘Downhill Jam’ has grown on the many serious participants for the non end modify and one particular practically can evoke hearing the whooshing quick air passing correct through even though enjoying it. The pleasurable attributes with this recreation include the collection of shoes and revenue also almost all coupled.

All the other common Skateboarding Games contain, Professionals Season, Puff’s Skate Jam, Pencil Racer Skate Park, Trick Master, Skateboard Metropolis, Kick Flip Game, Extra fat Trick Boarder, Skate Tokyo, All Star Skateboard Games , G max Skateboarding, Mountain Boarding and Rooftop Skater.

While most kids his age spend their day playing with action figures or mashing the buttons on their Xbox, Asher Bradshaw likes to show off his skateboarding talent, at the Venice Skatepark, in Los Angeles.

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I’m sure Asher isn’t the only seven-year-old skateboarder out there, you may even see younger ones, but his talent and fearless attitude are really unique. The young prodigy only took up skateboarding in May 2009, but in just a year and a half his become a master with the board. Looking at him in his oversized clothes, with a big helmet on his little head, people first think something along the line of “he’s so cute!” but as soon as he slides down the half-pipe, that attitude quickly changes into something like “damn, he’s rad!”

Most skateboarders train for years to master some of the most difficult moves, but little Asher has done it in just a few months time. He throws himself inside the giant bowls, jumps over up to ten steps, slides over stuff, and does it all fearlessly. And since he’s such a rad skateboarder, on the rare occasions that he does fall, he does it so hard that he spends a few minutes crying in his dad’s arms and quickly gets back to skating.

At just seven years of age, Asher Bradshaw is already a local celebrity and those that have seen him perform on a skateboard say he has a bright future ahead of him. Check out the video below and see for yourself:

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