Snowboarding Blogs: September

The best snowboard bits from the net from this past month. I thank’ee.

Snowboard Bindings Turn 90 Degrees

Snowboarding was mimicked after skateboarding, so it comes as no surprise that Twisted Bindings, based in San Clemente, CA, has taken the traditional skateboard stance and moved it to a snowboard. Twisted Bindings will release the revolutionary piece of equipment in September , 2011. Twisted Bindings President, Leslie Miller, explains the idea behind the invention,

“The concept of Twisted Bindings stemmed from years of hearing the same complaints ‐ knee problems, limited mobility and chairlift difficulties.  We came to realize that the relationship between boards and bindings has remained basically unaltered since snowboarding’s inception‐ and we set out to change that.”

Twisted Binding ‐ a light, unobtrusive piece of equipment allows boarders to rotate their front foot forward 90 degrees, mimicking the stance used in skateboarding. The Twisted Bindings’ thin plates fit between the snowboard deck and the traditional binding, activated with the mere pull of a spring‐loaded pin. In spite of its unassuming size and simple design, the forward‐facing stance facilitated by the Twisted Bindings greatly improves the snowboarding experience.

“Jake Blauvelt Naturally” Full Part

Jake Blauvelt’s full part from last winters webisode series “Naturally”.  It’s absolutely insane. This part has some of the gnarliest lines and biggest natural jumps we have ever seen! It’s some serious snowboarding. Watch it, and see for yourself.

Jake Blauvelt: Naturally full part a Snowboarding video by keltron

World Snowboarding Day – December 18, 2011

The 6th annual World Snowboarding Day will make its 2011 debut December 18th. The international day was created for snowboarders, by snowboarders, and intended on promoting the sport to the general public. This snowboard festival is open to everyone from beginners to pros, and will allow the general public to experience snowboarding for free. The event will allow riders free lessons for newcomers, contests, demos, equipment tests, parties, and music. Ski areas, ski federations, clubs, shops, pro riders, associations, and brands will host and share the day with the general public.

In 2010, World Snowboard Day took place in 38 countries, spread across 160 different events, and attracted more than 25, 000 participants.  The goal is to attract even more attention, and promote the sport we all know and love.

Created in 2006 by EuroSIMA and the WSF, this event was conceived by snowboarders for snowboarders. Since 2010 the Outdoor Sports Valley association (OSV) has become an event partner, with SnowSports Industries America (SIA) in North America and CorePower Asia in Asia as regional partners. All of these partnerships provide increased visibility and a broader worldwide presence for World Snowboard Day.

Signal’s Every Third Thursday – The Snowboard Bass

Signal Snowboards are back with another installment of their epic Every Third Thursday web show, where they build some freakish concept board on every third thursday of the month. This time they create a snowboard that’s also a bass guitar with ex-Guns ‘n’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan.

When we first read the title of this month’s ETT, we were thinking “they’ve only gone and made a snowboarding fish!” Of course, we have small retardation. Maybe that’s next month’s but whatever, this one is a fully playable bass guitar made in conjunction with Duff McKagan – who’s dropped bass lines for Guns ‘n’ Roses, Velvet Revolver and now Loaded – and Fender, without who this build wouldn’t have worked out.

The thing even rode Ok when they spun and jibbed it at Hood. Another banger from the Signal boys…

Signal: Every Third Thursday – Duff McKagan Fender a Snowboarding video by signalsnowboards

Snowboarding On The Rocks-One Man’s Search For Answers

Written by hondo for Transworld Snowboarding


There I was, alone, in the vast Colorado desert. The storm clouds were rolling in as I arrived at the giant stone amphitheater. Hundreds of miles from home, I found myself stumbling upon a situation that I was completely unfamiliar with- something new, something exciting. Thousands of snowboarding fans, all gathered for a common goal- to see snowboarding on a massive video screen, and to listen to electronic music. Three videos were shown, Videograsses’ film, Shoot The Moon, Technine’s new film, Familia 2, and Standard Film’s new flick, TB20. It was actually pretty cool to see snowboarding share the same stage that has seen the likes of David Bowie, and the Kings Of Leon. It really puts into perspective just how big and popular our sport has become. While the videos were absolutely all time, it was somewhat obvious that many of the people were at RedRocks because of the musical acts. While witnessing “Snowboarding On The Rocks”, I began to have a thought. Is this what snowboarding has become? An almost freak show-esque festival of “extreme athletes” and “performers”?


The loudest cheers from the crowd were not for the hardest, most technical tricks, but for the most rotations and flips. I know that right now, in snowboarding, we are in this battle between “progression” and “style”, but I think those are dated terms. Is snowboarding really in a state of progression if it’s being turned into figure-skating?  And to counter act that argument, is it really a stylish snowboarding trick just because someone who was a pro in the mid-nineties could do it? I don’t know the answer to this question; Nobody does. And that’s what the beauty of snowboarding is. It’s a completely subjective sport/activity that has no boundaries, and no rules. As cliche as that last sentence might have sounded, I believe that it’s entirely true. Think about it, did you begin snowboarding because you wanted to make a ton of money from it? I am sure some of you reading this might say yes, but, also, a majority of you will definitely say no. If you were looking for a traditional recap of the premieres, and for me to tell you whose part was the most radical, and that the videos were the sickest videos that I have ever seen, well, sorry to disappoint. But what I will tell you is that snowboarding is at a place where it’s absolutely huge. And it’s only growing bigger and bigger.



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