Surf wallpapers that’ll make you dribble

I’m always hunting around like a hooded cyberbot in search of some sweeeeet desktop wallpapers and it dawned upon me that I may not be the only little rascal who was out there desperately searching all on their lonesome. So just for you my scantily clad folk, I’ve compiled a photo post of the best ones I’ve come across.

These images are all from Surfer Magazine and they can be downloaded in 1280×1024px / 1600×1200px / 1440×900px / iPad and some even in iPhone size, basically all your screen sizes are covered. Click on any of the images below to be redirected to the download page which will open in a new window. Techie bit over…

surf wallpapers
surf wallpaper 2
surfermag wallpaper 3
surfermag wallpepr 4



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