Surfing: Autumn

This is my attempt at a round-up for surfing throughout the Autumn.

First of all I liked this video. It’s something to do with Kai Neville. He responded to an email I sent him once which said “where is the t-shirt I ordered?” which makes him a close personal friend.

Then there was the WCT event in Peniche, I missed most of it as I locked myself in the garage for 3 days. Here’s a 2 minute video of all the 10 point rides.

The cold water classic happened more recently but it was, frankly, not that exciting to watch, I mainly enjoyed the fact the world’s best were unable to suss out the spot, there’s a well put together wrap-up video here if you really want to watch it. I’d also suggest watching the action at Pipeline as it is now a bit of a showdown between, Parko, Kelly and Mick.

Bending Colours

The South African chap Jordy Smith released his film “Bending Colours”. I’ve not seen it but it will be good, you can buy it on iTunes here.

In other news I surfed with Dolphins and felt like a new-age hippy, I might buy some crystals and start using homeopathy tablets.



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