Surfing Blogs: October

It has been a long October and feels like an age since I did the last BlogSpurt! but there are a few random bits of information from around the world of surfing blogs which you may be interested in not a lot but some, so here goes….

Bioluminescent Surfing

Turns out the Lingulodinium polyedrum phytoplankton responsible for red tide algae blooms off the coast of Southern California are bioluminescent. When agitated, the non-toxic red tide glows neon blue, which makes for some pretty rad night surfing.


Surfing to be official high school sport in Hawaii


Gov. Neil Abercrombie and state education officials said Monday that riding the waves will join the likes of football, basketball, volleyball and swimming as a state-sanctioned prep sport in public schools, starting as early as spring 2013. The Aloha State is known for its world-class surf breaks and competitions. It is home to many pro surfers and has produced several world champions including Hawaii’s Carissa Moore, who this summer became the youngest world champion at 18. Hawaii has the only statewide public school district in the nation, which means surfing will be offered across the islands. The state Department of Education is working with the new appointed Board of Education on developing a plan to implement surfing. Judging will be done similar to pro surf meets and there will be an individual boys and girls champions, as well as team champions, similar to golfing, said BOE member Keith Amemiya, former head of the Hawaii High School Athletic Association. Info & image from

Halloween Surfing in California
Surfers take to the water for Blackie’s Halloween Costume Surf Contest in Orange County, California. (Graham Whitby Boot/Allstar)






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