Surfing Blogs: September

There’s been a lot goin’ on in these here surfing hills…

Flaring Up – Surfing with a Flare – Red Bull Minor Threat

Surfer Bruce Irons doesn’t feel surfing is awesome-to-the-max enough with the huge waves and sharks mistaking the silhouette of a surfer sitting on the board for the silhouette of seal or larger fish, otherwise known as lunch, so he decided to throw a ball of flame into the mix. He surfs with flares, which looks really, really neat as the crest covers the surfer, leaving only a glowing ball of flare shining through the water.

One of surfing’s most dangerous wipeout locations deconstructed in super slow motion

I followed along online as Kelly Slater won last week’s Billabong Pro Tahiti and couldn’t believe how heavy the waves looked. This highlight video, shot with a Phantom HD high-speed camera, is the best highlight of the week by far. The super slow motion footage magnifies the size and power of the waves at Teahupo’o — already some of the biggest and gnarliest in the world.

Remake of Point Break

The original 1991 movie, directed by Kathryn Bigelow, starred Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze.

Point Break, the 1991 thriller set against the world of surfing, is getting an extreme-sports make-over, courtesy of Alcon Entertainment and Warner Bros. In the original film,  directed by Kathryn Bigelow, Keanu Reeves starred as Johnny Utah, an undercover FBI agent looking for a gang of bank robbers, led by Patrick Swayze’s Bodhi, amid the Southern California surfing scene. The new version, with a screenplay by Kurt Wimmer (Salt), will be set in the world of international extreme sports and also involve an FBI agent infiltrating a criminal ring.

Panama To Host 2012 ISA World Junior Surfing Championship

The world’s largest junior surfing contest, The ISA World Junior Surfing Championship, will take place in Panama next April for its tenth edition. The event, slated for April 14 through April 22, 2012, will showcase talent from some of the world’s most dominating surfers as they compete for their National Teams. Read more about the event here in the official press release.

Night Surfing With LEDs Is Even Cooler Than It Sounds

Surfing is difficult enough during the day when you can actually see the waves (and sharks) coming. To do it at night, you need a big brass pair like professional surfer Aritz Aranburu. And a self-illuminating surfboard doesn’t hurt. Shot at Mundaka in Northern Spain, this Pukas board is one of only four currently in existence. Its LED strips and receiver are installed before the glassing process when the board is laminated and waterproofed. They’re controlled by a remote that also selects the LED color—red, green, or blue.

Rio Breaks: A Story About Surfing and Survival

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Thirteen year-old Fabio and Naama, twelve, live in the Favela do Pavao in the hills above Rio’s Arpoador Beach. One of Rio’s most heavily armed gangs operates here, especially in Pavao’s most dangerous area where Fabio lives. The boys’ deep-rooted love for surfing, however, may be their best chance at avoiding the gangland lifestyle that has taken many of their relatives, and it is their passion for the sport and wry musings that cinematographer Justin Mitchell captures so well in his candid, intimate documentary, Rio Breaks.

Raised by illiterate grandparents and himself unable to read or write, Fabio is a prime candidate to become just another gun-slinging teenage pawn for a local drug gang. His mother was never a part of his life, and his father was killed by his own gang for trying to get out. Naama, who attends school but struggles with memories of his older brother being killed unarmed by military police, is hardly a more hopeful story, and the two boys’ options seem to be running out. What saves them, and many others just like them, is Arpoador’s “Favela Surf Club,” a surf school on the fringes of Copacabana that’s there for no other reason than inspiring a love for the sport and pointing children and teenagers from the favela away from the life of crime and hardship they grew up witnessing… Read more from the Rio Times here.



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