The Art of Flight Trailer

We’re teetering on the edge of the The Art of Flight UK Premiere (not to be confused with the guerrilla documentary of the same name that was shot illegally in Egypt in 2005)  it’s exactly 8 days until the BFI IMAX in London’s Southbank hits a new high with snowboarding fanatics, Pro-boarders, media types and luvvies from the world of film & tv creaming themselves over this highly anticipated film.

I could have watched it already, but I haven’t. Something tells me that if I watch it on the night of the 17th November, it’ll be a little bit like being at the grand British debut. I may even don my ‘media night out outfit’, consisting of a dress covered in gold sequins, a corsage I’ll have bought myself and the all important diamente tiara. Think twenty-something woman in drag. Yeah, that’s what all the cool kids wear to this stuff nowadays. I’d fit right in. The reality is that I’ll be itching in this getup at home whilst sitting on my paisley, cleverly sprung sofa.


The film, I am told is about an hour and a half long which means that it’s automatically in a league of its own with most snowboarding films usually being about 30 minutes in duration. Filming took place in Patagonia, Alaska, Romania, Wyoming, Austria and Canada to name a few locations, which means that you can not only expect enormous landscapes and insane drops but powder so deep that you’d in all likelihood need an inuit warrior family of 10 to  shuttle you around. But Jake Blauvelt, John Jackson, Jeremy Jones, Scotty Lago, Mark Landvik, Pat Moore, Nicolas Muller, Eero Niemela, David Carrier Porcheron and Travis Rice (sausage-fest much?) seem to have the getting to and fro under control. From watching the trailer, I can hardly contain my excitement at seeing it myself, the helicopters filming planes filming helicopters, the avalanches, the vertical drop-ins that can only be described as being on the zaney side of insane and the craziness between the friends that happens along the way in making this film. All caught in stunning HD, some of the footage in the film has been slo-mo’d so that you can quite happily sit and watch it in your Y-Fronts and enjoy, just like you do when you watch porn. It’ll give you the same wholesome tingle.

As I’m yet to see it, I shall refrain from giving you my full review, however my premonition is as follows: Suffice it to say, if the hype is to be believed and the trailer is anything to go by, I imagine that this film delineates a new era of extreme sports film-making, it may just go down in the history books as being the most jaw-dropping snowboarding film ever made, until Director Curt Morgan greenlights the next one that is.

Let’s synchronise watches and revisit this page in a little over 8 days when I’ll have a full movie review for you. (I’m still waiting for those press passes to be put through the door. Joking, no I’m serious, joking, no really, I’m serious)

Red Bull Media House produced “The Art of FLIGHT” in association with Brian Digital Cinema, on the most sophisticated motion-picture projection system in the world. If you weren’t lucky enough to get tickets to the premiere, fear not there’s a second showing on the same night at 10:30pm and there are seats left, you can purchase your golden tickets here. In addition to this, if you want to reenact some of the awesome moves from the film (i’m talking on a domestic jumping from bed to bed scale) along with the soundtrack, you can now do so as The Art of Flight Soundtrack Compilation PLUS video’s are here.



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