The Eagles of Death Metal

Josh Homme & Jesse Hughes- The Eagles of Death Metal

Josh Homme & Jesse Hughes- The Eagles of Death Metal

The Eagles of Death Metal: unlike The Eagles or Death Metal, the band is instead a hybrid concoction of the two. The Eagles of Death Metal is a saucy mix of slide guitar, harmonious vocals and heavy beats, which have together laid the foundation for three sumptuous albums of sexy rock.

The band was formed in the late nineties by Jesse Hughes A.K.A ‘The Devil’ and Josh Homme A.K.A ‘Carlo Von Sexron’. Homme, who at the time was also playing with Queens of the Stone Age, diagnosed himself with ‘musical schizophrenia’ when asked about his commitment to both bands.

As a lover of Queens of the Stone Age myself, I can see how Homme has influenced the band. The Eagles of Death Metal is like the band’s younger, curious cousin who likes to look up girls skirts. The black sheep who disappears for weeks and comes back with a service revolver and chick called Britney.

The band is raw, unpredictable, but in a way reliable- they just get the job done. Every song fits into a regimented formation of great drum beats, classic guitar rifts and enigmatic singing. They may sing about making steamy love to you after curfew, but their raunchiness is cradled lovingly by well executed classic rock, extreme musical talent, and a network of big names.

Alongside ‘The Devil’ and ‘Carlo Von Sexron’, The Eagles of Death Metal has showcased talent from names like ‘BlackJack’ Jack Black, ‘Diablo’ Dave Grohl and ‘Queen Bee’ Brody Dalle. They have performed with Joan Jett and have supported Guns ‘n’ Roses, and have appeared as characters in the book ‘Sex Tips from Rock Stars’.

Even though they haven’t released an album since ‘Heart On’ in 2008, the band still tour the desert states of America giving crowds exciting live renditions of their sexy rock antics. They’re a precious jewel in modern American rock and roll, and I’m sure that they will continue to enthrall audiences for years to come. Fingers crossed we’ll even get an album out of it.

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