The Ledge

For the last six months of living in London I often wondered where all the cool skateboarders hang out, well now I know. For its second year in a row, ‘The Ledge’ has made a huge impact on London’s lifestyle. Skate brands from all over the UK attended this year’s event, big names including Creature, Habitat, Spitfire, NEFF and Thrasher where all there showing their dedication to the skate industry.


The 2013 skate competition run by Osiris and Side Walk attracted a good crowd of young skating hopefuls, both girls and boys competed for prizes, including shoes/decks/Wheels/Trucks etc. In the ‘Shop Comp’ each team were to have three skaters all having full use of the ramp during their runs, lasting approximately 3 minutes, with 3 skaters on at once. The judges scored the best overall team.


The girls team (the best team I have to say) were given 2 times 1 and a half minute runs and finally the ‘Gap Trick’ where each team were given 3 minutes to clear the gap with the best possible trick, for a chance to win £500 for their team.
There were neon boards/neon skates/neon bikes/neon scooters! No wonder they only had low lighting as the room was literally filled with colour.


No matter how amazing everything was on the top floor, it’s what was happening on the ground floor that kept all the boys peering over the edge to take a long look at.


With winter currently in full swing skateboarding wasn’t the only board sport that people were interested in, snowboards seemed a big hit at this year’s Ledge, and for all you green eyed people out there who are jealous of everyone currently on seasons whilst you slave away at a desk, green seemed the perfect colour of the season.


Be sure to make the effort and check out The Ledge 2014 at London Olympia. Here’s more information on about the Ledge 2014.



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