The World’s Top 10 Motorcycle Trails

Riding a motorcycle is a super-duper experience regardless of where you go, but for those of you who have already burned rubber in your own neighbourhoods and are itching for something new, here is a quick round-up of the most intoxicating trails from around the world. If you’re the type of person who likes to go wherever your motorcycle tires take you, then you’ll love these ten exotic trails. Pack up your bags and let’s go!

Yorkshire Dales, England
Love the fresh country air and don’t mind a little rain? Then this 146-mile
journey is right up your dale. Stay at rustic inns and local B&Bs where you’ll have plenty of examples of a strong Yorkshire accent.


PCH, California
At just over 650 miles, California Route One (Pacific Coast Highway) is not something that you can trek in one visit. Instead, take your Yamaha motorcycle parts and cruise along the Big Sur area. This stretch will give you gorgeous views of the ocean as well as plenty of areas for camping.


Istanbul Loop, Turkey
If you want to take a couple of weeks off and make a pilgrimage to holy sites and ancient ruins, then a trip to Istanbul is just the ticket. Make your way down to the coast at Antalya, and then hit Greek ruins at Ephesus on your way back.

Che Guevara Route, Cuba
Now that relations between the US and Cuba are becoming a little easier, the time is ripe for motorcycle trips on this jewel of the Caribbean. Follow the route that Che Guevara took on his journey against the rebels from Havana to Baracoa.

Nurburgring, Germany
If you buy a sports car in Europe, then odds are that it was tested at the world-famous Nurburgring Racetrack in Germany. At thirteen miles long, you can put your motorcycle gear through its paces in just half a day, plus you can find out if your bike is up to snuff.


Amalfi Coast, Italy
If gorgeous European vistas are more your thing, then take a quick trip along Strata Stratale 163 and see the ocean along this Italian coastline. It’s only a 25- mile journey so you can be back in time for dinner.

Los Caracoles Pass, Argentina
For those who like a lot of adventure and danger on their trails, the Los Caracoles Pass stretches over 5000 miles from one end of Argentina to the tip of the South American continent. Just make sure your motorcycle tires and your butt are sufficiently ready for the harsh and bumpy terrain.


Trollstigen Road, Norway
Full of switchbacks and hairpin turns, Norway’s County Road 63 is well known for its difficulty on a bike. Therefore, only test your mettle on the Troll’s Ladder if you like a challenge.

Hana Highway, Hawaii
This gorgeous 64-mile route covers half of the island of Maui. Not only will you see beautiful scenery, but there are plenty of hidden jungles and grottos to visit as well.

Serra Do Rio Do Rastro, Santa Catarina
Brazil Our final journey takes us through the wilds of Brazil, along stretches of switchbacks and tiny roads. If you want a mix of Trollstigen and Los Caracoles, then come to Santa Catarina in Brazil for this incredible trek.


Know a blinder of a route you can see here? Let me know in the comments below!



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