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Thrashion is one of the only companies in the UK dedicated to producing bespoke jewellery from recycled skateboards. From its home in Cornwall, Thrashion is the magpie of the skateboard community, collecting broken and discarded decks and breathing new life into them.

iLivExtreme sat down with Thrashion founder Nat for a chat about recycled skateboards, the skate community, and her favourite decks.

What is Thrashion?

Thrashion is a recycled skateboard company in Falmouth Cornwall, we started making jewellery from broken skateboards and now make all different types of products from coasters to techie stuff.

How did it all start?

It started around 2007 when I was pregnant with my little dude; I was dabbling in recycled vinyl, making cuffs from old records, and stumbled over mine and my husband Dan’s old decks in the attic. I had all the tools so tried making a bangle (it was purple and green!) and the rest is history.

Where do you get your decks?

I get sent them from all over the country through my FREEPOST address (FREEPOST THRASHION LTD). I also get sent them from skate companies (Milk, Kill City, Supertoxic Urethane, Death, Karma etc have all donated in the past) and I get pro boards. Right now i am installing bins in local skate shops and skateparks.


What is your favourite deck?

Anything Heroin; Fos is my idol!! They just push the boundaries and have kept the brand edgy, and subculture-ish, always showcasing raw talent and skate scenes that we wouldn’t know existed otherwise (the Osaka Daggers).

What would be your dream deck to work with?

Again anything Heroin! Although Kill City are doing rad things too. To be honest anything with the 7 colour ply is good with me!

 Have you had any famous contributors?

Matt Pritchard and Lee Dainton supported me from the very beginning. It’s been amazing to work with people like John Horner, Leo Sharp, Lucy Adams and Emma Tinyhands.

 Who is your favourite skateboarder?

At the moment it’s Gou Miyagi I think he really pushes the boundaries of what can be done on a skateboard. It’s tongue in cheek, and he is just an artist on a skateboard really!

Gou Miyagi

Gou Miyagi

 Where’s the farthest someone’s posted a deck from?

Germany I think?!

 What’s your favourite Thrashion piece?

I like the knuckle duster rings, and the bangles are an old fave (although a real pain in the arse to make).


 What are the good points of working within the skateboarding community?

It’s really supportive; I’ve met and worked with some rad people who just like what I do, and are in the business for the love and not what they can get from it!

Are there any bad points?

The mega million pound companies who want to suck the life and love out of the industry!

What it is like to run your own small business?

Hard work! This is a second job for me and most of the UK skate companies I know are the same, doing it for the love and plumbing the profits back into the UK scene.


Who has been your favourite person to work with?

Jon Horner, that was pretty ace. It was great to come up with a unique product that showed off our skills (the SNAP! Cards) and had never been done before. But also Emma who I made the bags with, she’s mega talented

A recent Mari Claire article discouraged girls from skateboarding, instead suggesting that skate parks are places for spotting good looking men. What are your thoughts on that?

Am still pretty pissed off with this!! I think that article was sexist, naive and a classic example of why the fashion industry should stick to what they know best and stop using the skate industry as a marketing ploy! Thankfully the article was taken down, although there are still repercussions:  there now seems to be a different weekly article on skateboarding by some disconnected media source! This has all happened since the bloody HTCone skatepark opened in Selfridges, I just hope it’s a phase and everything goes back to normal soon. You certainly won’t be seeing me in Gucci skate wear! Just like you wouldn’t catch me dead in Nike SB! Support your local!!!

 What do you hope for the future of Thrashion?

Streamlining and making it more manageable. Concentrating on making new products and staying one step ahead of the game, more collaborations and community stuff too hopefully. Flow team!!


 Where can people buy your products?

On my website or at my stockists which are also listed on the website.



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