Total Loss

How to Dress Well

I’m liking this new breed of R&B. Is it even R&B? It’s similar to R&B but it lacks the cheese, it’s a bit warped and there’s more depth to it. It’s a bit like saying a potato waffle is a chip, or something.

How to Dress Well is actually a man called Tom Krell. He sings a bit falsetto along to rhythms that make you feel like you’re driving a tractor on snow. I like it. I’d give it 8 out of 10. If you like Frank Ocean, Miguel or The Weeknd you will probably like this. If you like Robbie Williams or Def Leppard it might not be your thing.

My Mum said “It’s okay” but then went on to say “I prefer Cat Stevens”.

How to Dress Well

My favourite song so far is “& It Was U” but that doesn’t really reflect the entire album as it’s a bit more dancey. I like dancing, on my own or with my friend Catherine, who is actually an inflatable mattress shaped with gaffa tape who has a face made of old blu-tack. While you listen to this album why not imagine me and Catherine moving around the dance floor like two retired wrestlers. If you laugh Catherine will throw peas in your hair.



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