Unsung Skate Directors

So you’re kicking-back, enjoying the latest skateboarding drop and all of a sudden, your brain flicks a switch and you realise that there’s someone you’ve never seen, who has never been mentioned, playing a big part in creating the masterpiece you’re currently fantasising to.

Those unsung people my friends, are the filmmakers. The gents over at Sidewalk have evidently been thinking something similar whilst watching the latest offerings sent to them. Hands securely tucked into the front of their lederhosen and enjoying a cupping sensation – the best way to mull over fresh ideas – they conjured up a cunning plan to turn the lens towards the unsung producers of the films we all enjoy.

So, ‘Unsung’ is a series of online documentaries celebrating the unsung heroes of the UK skateboard scene and their contributions to our shared culture. From independent brands and stores, through to some of the ground breaking weirdo’s and nutters breathing life into the British skate scene – Unsung aims to highlight the passion, commitment and sheer love Producers put into to creating and nourishing the skate scenes around them sharing  their own vision of what skateboarding is.


First up is skateboarding filmmaker Callun Loomes who hangs out with British skaters, ‘Get Lesta’. Find out what drives his passion for the eternal search for the perfect skate spot and how he funds his projects via his nan and g’dad’s boozer.



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